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General Information


All apartments offer reverse cycle air conditioning and heating units for your comfort.

Please do not leave balcony doors open whilst the unit is in use as this will disable the system. Keep air-conditioning set between 21 and 23 degrees - this saves both energy and the environment. 

IMPORTANT: All units in the apartment must stay on the same mode setting, heat or cool, conflicting modes will stop the unit from operating. In the event that you require further assistance, please contact reception. 


We recommend that you keep your balcony doors locked when you are not in the apartment and at night-time for security. An eco-friendly feature of our property is that when a balcony door is opened, your apartment's air conditioning will switch off. 


You will find a kettle, coffee, tea and sugar in your room. Should you require additional coffee or tea making supplies please contact reception. PLEASE ONLY USE WATER IN THE KETTLE. 


Each room is equipped with complimentary Wi-Fi. The login is the surname on the room and the room number. If you require technical assistance please call reception. If you require printing please email the document through to

Printing may incur a cost.  


To operate the cook top:

Select the desired setting by turning the dial for the hot plate you wish to use.  

To operate the range hood: 

Slide the range hood out towards you, the fan speed and lights are controlled via buttons on the right hand side of the range hood.

To operate the oven:

Turn the dial to the desired temperature. The oven indicator light will come on. Adjust the time to the desired cooking time. The oven will not operate unless the timer is on.  


Dishwashing tablets are located in the cupboard under the kitchen sink in 1 Bedroom and 2 Bedroom Apartments. 

To operate the dishwasher:

Load the dishwasher with soiled crockery and cutlery. Place the dishwashing tablet into the dispenser on the inside of the door and close the dishwasher door. Turn the dishwasher on and then select the program you wish to run (fast cycle is recommended).



The hairdryer is located in the vanity cupboard of the bathroom.

Ironing Facilites:

An iron and ironing board are located inside the wardrobe of your apartment. 


Please do not use metal utensils in the microwave. Place food in a microwave safe dish. Select the time required and power setting, then press "START". All crockery in your room are microwave safe. Splatter lids are located in all microwaves for use. 


The information provided in this directory is to assist you when making local, interstate or international telephone calls. Charges for outside calls will automatically be registered to your accounts. Should you require further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Reception. 


All local calls are $0.80 per call. Interstate and international calls are billed at house pulse rates.

Dialing an apartment from inside the property:

To call another apartment please dial the apartment number. For apartments ending with the letter 'B' add 50 to the apartment number. For example, to call apartment 101B, dial 151.

Dialing an apartment from outside the property:

Each apartment can be called directly from outside the property. To find out your direct dial number, please refer to your Welcome letter received upon check in or contact Reception by dialing '9'.

To make an outside call:

You can dial direct for all local, interstate and international calls. To make an outside call, please dial '0' first before dialing the designated number. 

Dialing interstate (STD) numbers:

For calls outside Queensland and within Australia; dial '0' for an outside line. Dial the relevant STD code then dial the number required. 




Adelaide (South Australia)


Hobart (Tasmania)


Brisbane (Queensland)


Melbourne (Victoria)


Canberra (Australian Capital Territory)


Perth (Western Australia)


Darwin (Northern Territory)


Sydney (New South Wales)


Dialing international (IDD) numbers:

For calls outside Australia; dial '0' for an outside line, then '0011' and the relevant country code, area code and then dial the number required. 

An example call to New York would be:

Outside Line       IDD Access         Country Code           Area Code            Local Number

            0                      0011                         1212                    555 0000

A list of country codes can be found using our complimentary Wi-Fi, or by asking reception. Australia's country code is 61.


Your apartment features a LCD television that has been programmed to receive all digital free to air channels available, as well as a number of Foxtel channels. 

You can activate your TV by pressing the 'Power' button on your remote control. To select a channel, use the up/down arrows in the centre of the remote to move through the options.

Should you experience any difficulty in accessing channels, please contact reception.


A washing machine and clothes dryer are provided in the One and Two Bedroom Apartments. There is also complimentary laundry facilities on the upper ground floor (Level 'UG') for all guests to use, particularly those in Studio Apartments. Washing liquid is provided in your apartment, additional liquid is available from Reception. PLEASE NOTE: Front loading washing machines only require half of each sachet contents. 

To operate the front-loading washing machine:

  • Open the door and load clothes into the machine drum

  • Open washing machine detergent drawer and empty one half of sachet content into the left hand side compartment and close drawer

  • Press the on/off button

  • Using the program selection dial, choose the appropriate cycle for your laundry

  • Press the start/pause button to start the program

To operate the dryer:

  • Load clothes into dryer and close door firmly

  • Select the required temperature and time by turning the dial

  • Push the start/pause button the dryer

Accommodation Services


The preferred method of payment is by credit card or cash. Company accounts may be established by prior arrangements with Management. 


220-240 Volts AC is the general current in all rooms. Adaptors and chargers are available at Reception. Please note a $20 hire deposit is required and is refundable upon return of the item. 


Guests are welcome to leave luggage at Reception on the day of departure for later collection. Please contact Reception for assistance. 


A complete range of business services are available, including scanning, photocopying, facsimile, word processing and typing. Please contact Reception for more information. Please note that some fees may apply to printing and facsimile. 


The Chermside Bus Interchange is the closest public bus station to Quest Chermside and is located on the south side of Westfield Chermside, just 180m from the hotel. Timetables and directions are available from Reception.


Quest Chermside offers secure complimentary car parking. Car parking is subject to availability. Should the car park reach capacity during your stay you will be able to find alternative on street parking.


Check out time is 10:00am. Should you wish to check out after 10:00am, please contact reception to arrange a late checkout (subject to availability). Fees may apply. 

If checking our prior to reception opening at 7:00am please drop your room key off in our Departure box out the front of the reception lobby. 


Same day dry cleaning service is available Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays. Laundry bags and dockets are located in your apartment wardrobe. Please complete the docket and take your dry cleaning to Reception prior to 8:30am for same day dry cleaning. 


In the event of an emergency, please contact reception immediately. It is important that guests familiarize themselves with the emergency procedures displayed on the back of your apartment door. 

For after hours emergencies, please contact Reception by dialing '9' and follow the prompts to be transferred to our on-site General Manager.

For immediate assistance, please contact Emergency Services by dialing 000.


Quest Chermside is equipped with sophisticated fire detection and prevention systems. In the event of a fire, a continuous warning bell will sound in your apartment. Should you become aware of a fire or smell smoke, please call Reception immediately.

Should a fire start in or near your apartment: 

  • Remain calm

  • Alert Reception immediately by dialing '9'

  • If you are advised to evacuate the building, collect your key card and move towards your apartment door

  • Feel the door with the back of your hand. If it is hot, DO NOT OPEN THE DOOR

  • If it is not hot, carefully open the door and look outside 

  • If the hallway is not too smoky, proceed to the fire exit and descent to the ground floor where you will be directed to the meeting point

  • If you encounter smoke, crawl on your hands and knees

  • Once inside the fire stairs, keep walking down and do not stop until you exit the building on the ground floor

  • Proceed from the fire stairs through the entry foyer and out the glass sliding doors to the assembly point

  • DO NOT use elevators

  • DO NOT bring luggage

If you are unable to leave your apartment

  • Advise Reception of your location by dialing '9'

  • Pack wet towels or sheets under the door and turn air-conditioning/venting off

  • All apartment doors are fire rated in accordance with the Australian Fire Safety Standards

  • If smoke is evident, open windows and balcony door to vent the apartment. Hang a bed sheet out of the window to signal the rescue team. Do not attempt to climb down

  • Remain close to the floor, keeping a wet cloth over over your nose and mouth

  • Rest assured - help is on the way

Note: If you have a physical condition that might impair your ability to either detect an alarm or evacuate via the stairway, please notify Reception as soon as possible. 


Quest Chermside is pleased to offer casual gym passes to our partners at Snap Fitness Chermside. Please see reception for further details.  


As you are probably aware the Hospitality industry is experiencing a major staff shortage at the moment. Our team is also impacted however will continue to service your apartment daily but with a slightly reduced schedule as below:

Daily – Rubbish Removal and Fresh Towels

Every 3 Days – Linen Change

Also please note Housekeeping do not service apartments on Sunday’s and Public Holiday’s. If however you are in need of any supplies please either see the Reception team or alternatively additional amenities are available in the ground floor laundry room.


Should you experience any equipment failure in your apartment please contact Reception. Please note all guests are liable for any spillage, loss or damage to the appliances, furniture fixtures and all fittings in the apartment. Fair wear and tear is accepted. 


Quest Chermside  has a strict NO SMOKING POLICY in all apartments except for private balconies (with balcony door closed) and designated outside smoking areas.  Please respect this for the comfort of other guests.

Smoking or vaping is not permitted at any time within the apartment, hallways, or common areas. Failure to comply will result in additional cleaning costs and any additional costs associated with emergency services; if the smoke alarms are set off as a result of smoking or vaping.  Please note unwarranted emergency services fines are in the order of $1,300.


No parties are allowed in the guest rooms at any time. Anything above the occupancy limit per room is defined as a party. While we attempt to give at least one warning, we reserve the right to take other measures in order to ensure the comfort and enjoyment of other guests. All money, deposits, and rents will be forfeited in the event of an eviction. As a registered guest, you assume complete responsibility for any and all damages caused by your group.


Every room has a safe. Please make sure you empty it and leave it open on departure. Please note: the hotel takes no responsibility for any valuables left in rooms at any time.


For your security the front doors are locked from 10:00pm – 7:00am. Overnight access can be gained with your apartment key card. Please use your key card for your own access only, and ensure others do not enter the property. Quest Chermside features a video surveillance system for the safety of our guests. Please report any security issues immediately to Reception.


To order a taxi you can call Yellow Cabs on 13 22 27. Alternatively you can call Reception and one of our friendly team members will be able to book a taxi for you.


Umbrellas are available for hire from Reception. A $20.00 deposit will be refundable upon return of the item.  


Wake up calls can be arranged by contacting Reception between 7:00am and 9:00pm daily. Alternatively you may use your alarm clock located on the bedside table of your apartment.

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